Foreclosures, Estate Sales and Court-Ordered Sales


Sometimes, you can save money on properties by pursuing a foreclosure or court-ordered sale. This also applies to estate sales - the estate may sell at a discount just to be done with the property. 


Foreclosures and court-ordered sales are different from regular purchases and do require a bit more work. They are a bit more uncertain because you don't know if you are successful until the court approves the sale.


The trick is finding them as often the lender does not want a foreclosure advertised as such. Once found, it is important to have an experienced agent to help you successfully purchase it.


I can help you with all these things.


Although I cannot publically list them all here.... I can provide the information directly to you, privately, to anyone who contacts me.


So, if you want accurate, up-to-date listings of foreclosures, court-ordered sales, and estate sales, just fill in the form below. I promise I won't spam you!....I value my privacy too....

Foreclosures, Court Ordered & Estate Sales
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