Buyer Origins

Ever wonder where all the buyers came from in 2015? 

Download the detailed chart here.


I'm sure you've heard it said that people from overseas are buying up all our property.


Well, not according to the statistics compiled from data through the Victoria Real Estate Board survey. Each time a sale occurs through MLS, the board surveys to check the origin of the buyer.


Most buyers, slightly over 70% came from right here in Greater Victoria....pretty consistent with the previous year. In fact, over 87% of purchases were made by BC residents and another 10.73% from the rest of the country.


Only 2% or 164 of the 8085 sales in 2015 were by buyers from outside Canada.


You may have also heard on the news and it is confirmed that most of our out of town buyers came from the lower mainland and accounted for 600 transactions last year, almost double the previous year's 307 purchases.


Alberta accounted for the largest portion of purchases originating from outside the province followed by Ontario/Quebec buyers. This is consistent percentaghe wise with the previous year althought the literal numbers have gotten bigger. Who knows what will happen in 2016.


You can check the detailed chart here.


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